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Player: Kor Meteor
Canon: Tales of Hearts R
Canon Point: Post-Final Boss
Alignment: Piphron
Date of Entry: 12/07/2014
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Comment here if Kor needs to be ICly contacted for whatever reason in [community profile] empatheias!
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Alright, so Kor here, as well as a number of other characters within Tales of Hearts, is able to perform what's called a Spiria Link. Using the power of his Soma, he's able to enter someone's Spiria--his world's equivilent of the heart and soul. Doing so allows him to deal with inner turmoil that person may be facing, correct emotional issues, or even remove taint from it. In canon, it's primarily used to treat Despir Disease, which is a disease that adversely affects the Spiria and causes a multitude of issues. It can also be used to find truths and learn information that the person may not otherwise be willing--or even able--to share. It has a number of applications. Basically, his power deals with emotions. Perfect for this place, right?

If you want to plot a particular scenario based around this, feel free to hit me up on this post, or contact me at [plurk.com profile] mamoritai
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Player: Kyo
Contact: [plurk.com profile] mamoritai
Age: 24
Current Characters: n/a


Character: Kor Meteor
Age: 16
Canon: Tales of Hearts R
Canon Point: Endgame, after escaping from Gardenia

Background: Here are some wiki links on the game and character respectively. If you really need more I can certainly provide.

"The occupation aptitude analyzer has finally found one match. 'Hero.'" This single statement from Kunzite summarizes Kor to a T. He has a strong, kind heart that always reaches out to others. A kindness that doesn't differentiate between friend or foe, he's just genuinely a good person for the sake of it. Operating by the philosophy of "Always stop to help those in trouble. Especially if they're a well-endowed beauty." instilled into him by his grandfather, he never thinks twice about stepping in to help out, even if he doesn't really have a place in whatever conflict it is. Doing so has certainly earned him a place in the hearts of many people, and it's also almost gotten him killed a fair number of times. But despite how many setbacks he suffers, he never gives up. He always stands up again and keeps going.

"After all, Kor Meteor doesn't just try, he DOES." This sentence right here is Kor's catchphrase, uttered by him multiple times throughout the game, and it exemplifies his manner of living perfectly. He's filled to the brim with confidence, and believes he can do anything he sets his mind to. And to be fair to him, he usually does. Perhaps not right away on his first attempt, but due to his unyielding spirit, he'll keep trying until he pulls off whatever it is he's trying to do, whether it's recovering a shard of Kohaku's shattered Spiria, defeating a Xerom, or even saving the world. There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and honestly? Kor toes that line very closely, especially earlier on in the game. He believes in himself to the point that some people may even believe him to be full of himself. That is a trait he grows out of over time, though. Whereas earlier on he believes in himself, as he grows and forges bonds with his friends, he learns that a truly strong Spiria comes not from himself, but from the bonds he forges with his friends. At the beginning of the game, he knew no one. He was raised in a small town by only his grandfather, with no one his own age in the village. But thanks to his chance encounter with Kohaku, everything changed. He set out on a journey, forged a number of bonds with people, and as a result, became one of the strongest Somatics on the face of the planet. He became humbled about himself, and enlightened about the true nature of the world, of Somas and Spirias, and of himself and who he really is.

Of course, nobody's without flaws, and good lord does he have quite a few.

First and foremost, Kor is far too trusting. While it's true that his simplistic naivete and trusting heart is ultimately what draws his friends to stick with him through thick and thin, they also criticize him frequently for being far too accepting of what others tell him. Short of Incarose, who murders his grandfather, there isn't a single person on the face of the planet Kor doesn't end up implicitly trusting and believing in. Not the shady merchant, nor the guy who drugs them and hands them over to the army, nor even the main antagonist. And while it's not a bad thing to try and believe in the goodness of people, the logical reaction to someone you thought was your friend backstabbing you and kidnapping your girlfriend should NOT be to believe they're still a good person and that you need to convince them to come back to you.

On that note, he's also just... Okay, he's stupid. It's not even a case of idiot savant like many other protags seem to demonstrate, where they aren't terribly bright but do show hidden bouts of genius. Kor is just out and out dumb. Like was previously, he was raised in a small village his whole life, and he was never allowed to venture out into the outside world. There's so much of the world that he just plain doesn't understand. It's pretty telling of his ignorance that he's utterly astounded by a giant wall, when most of the party doesn't even bat an eyelash at it. He also has a habit of saying things and not realizing how bad they actually are. Case in point? He thought his grandfather being called a misogynist was a good thing because it meant he really enjoyed miso, not... well, you know. Plus there's him using "boneless chicken avocado shrinkage disaster" as an insult against someone because he heard it used in a bar fight once despite not knowing what it's supposed to mean.

On a final note, he was always taught that having a strong Spiria means not wavering due to emotions. That said? He's really emotional. Anytime Kohaku, or any of his friends, is in danger he's driven into a fit of uncontrollable anger, and a number of events drive him to him, leaving the rest of the party exasperated at their crybaby of a leader. And when he's not either of those, he's almost always in a consistent state of excited happiness. He's like a puppy almost. Basically, there's no off or dimmer switch to his emotions, he goes full-force on them.


To explain Kor's abilities requires to first explain the concept of Somas and Spirias. A Soma is, simply put, a tool designed with spirias in mind; to draw upon one's spiria as a weapon, and also to allow it to connect with another's Spiria. Depending on what that person's Spiria is like, the soma can take on different forms. The game never actually gives a scientific explanation as to what a Spiria is supposed to actually be, other than that everyone has one, but due to the role they play in the story, it can be inferred they're similar to the metaphorical concept of a heart; they are comprised of emotions and memories, shaped by a person's experiences and feelings. Spirias can be strong, or they can be weak, depending on the person. But they're not an intangible concept. Spirias can take on physical form and even be removed or shattered: doing so would of course have lethal consequences to its owner. A major plot point of the game revolves around Kohaku's spiria core being shattered. She managed to maintain one shard of it, allowing her to stay alive, but without the rest of it her emotions were severely crippled. Another case featuring a girl named Lapis has her spiria core being outright stolen, leaving her in a catatonic state until it's restored. Finally, if a Spiria were to be drained completely of its energy, the person would become calcified, reduced to little more than a statue. Although implied to not be quite like death, there's currently no known way to reverse calcification.

But enough about Spirias, onto Somas. Somas themselves often take the form of accessories rather than weapons. Kor wields the Soma "Asteria". It takes the form of a buckler worn on the left arm, and when activated, allows him to draw a blade from it. He inherited the weapon from his grandfather Sydan Meteor, a world-famous Somatic. As stated, the form a Soma takes when activated actually varied depending on the wielder. When Sydan wielded the weapon, it instead took the form of a large battle axe. A pair of skits explores this concept a bit further, as each party member takes Hisui's Soma and tries it out for themselves. Although the weapon remains a pair of bowguns, the ammunition fired changed drastically, ranging from paint and gin-gel ale to... peach pie filling and centipedes. Somas are strange. Anyway, as stated, Kor wields a one-handed sword from his Soma, and his fighting style is built around that. His artes are comprised of sword slashes and thrusts combined with strikes using the buckler. He's able to fight both on the ground and in the air, and his artes are designed around that capability, allowing him to shift from one plane to the other with ease. His attacks are strong and as quick as lightning. Speaking of lightning, that's his primary element used in his attacks as well. Most of his hybrid artes contain the lightning element, although he has a smattering of light and fire elements as well. This combination allows him to be a formidable fighter out on the battlefield.

Besides Kor's fighting abilities with his Soma, there comes another ability, the ability to perform Spiria Links. A Spiria Link entails physically entering another person's Spiria. The primary purpose of this is to cure a person of Despir Disease, a mental/emotional disease that causes a person to become irrational, experiencing fits of insanity, depression, anger, or other such emotional fluctuations well beyond their normal capabilities. Simply put, it's a disease that affects a person's spiria. And as established above, if not treated, it can lead to lethal consequences. That said, it's possible to perform a Spiria Link regardless of the status of a person's spiria, as long as they have one. Entering a person's Spiria allows you to see what's lurks in their Spiria; you'll see truths that the person may not otherwise be willing or able to talk about. It also allows you to repair whatever damage might have been done to their Spiria.

Other: As explained above, Kor has a Soma named Asteria. It's a sword-and-shield type weapon. It's semi-ethereal in that the blade itself only manifests when it's pulled from the shield. Somas have a unique feature called a Soma Build which allows them to evolve to develop new skills and attain new forms. Basically it's the replacement for how you change your weapon and learn new artes and skills. All of Kor's Soma forms are named after comets, constellations, and astronomers. However, as Soma Builds are never completely acknowledged within the game itself, I'm going to say the weapon itself still is in the default form of Asteria as far as looks are concerned.


First Person Sample:
Look I did the test drive, am I a good boy now?
Third Person Sample:

Kor had been within the confines of the local town for some time now, long enough to gain an understanding of one thing, and one thing only: Emotions were key in this strange land. Negative emotions were bad, positive emotions were good. In a way, it wasn't that different from his own world, where bad feelings could negatively affect your spiria. He wasn't sure why this world was the way it was, but it was clear that all the bad goings-ons right now were a result of negative emotions. It was the only logical answer here, right? Right!

To the average person, this might seem like a daunting task. Just how does one actually stop negative emotions? But to Kor Meteor, Super Somatic, it's easy! "Right! I just have to find the person with the most negative emotions and perform a Spiria Link!", he mused out loud to himself. Thankfully, there didn't seem to be anyone within earshot, or else he might have found himself an awkward conversation to be had. He didn't have any time to waste.

Admittedly, he was thankful for the effects that emotions had on this world. It made figuring out who might be the source much easier. They always seemed to have gloomy aura around them, or the plants under their feet were dying, or there was a giant storm cloud over their head... Always obvious telltale signs that something was amiss with them. If only identifying Despir Disease was this easy at home, huh? But it's never the diagnosis that fixes it, it's the cure. ...In all honesty. Kor wasn't sure he'd be able to even perform a Spiria Link here. He didn't exactly try until now. Did people from other worlds have Spirias? And if they didn't, would it even still work?

These are questions Kor probably should have considered first, instead of heading straight towards a particularly upset old lady who was seated on the bench. He didn't have the time to consider whether it's possible or not, or if it's worth trying first. "Kor Meteor doesn't try, Kor Meteor does!", he just thought to himself, initiating the Spiria Link automatically once he was close enough. Instantly, he transformed into an orb of light and entered the woman's body. Apparently, Kor Meteor doesn't ask for permission, either.
I already asked about and was approved to allow Kor to perform Spiria Links with player permission, so I'm good!


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